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Welcome to Wildlife Britain - an ever growing guide to the animals of the UK  

Welcome to Wildlife Britain, a place on the web that brings information regarding the UK's great wealth of wildlife to the fore. We focus on the activity you can do to help conserve this diversity, as well as great places around the country where you can experience plants and animals first hand, be it whale watching in Northern Scotland, surveying the soaring Gannets off Grassholm or enjoying the swallows over head on a summers evening in watching British Wildlife in your back garden.

Our main areas of focus are:

  • The Animals
    An ever growing focus on a wide variety of different animals that can be found in and around the British Isles.
  • Plants
    Looking at some of the native and non-native plants that we are familiar with.
  • The Environment
    A focus on the environment, things that threaten our land and sea-scapes and what we can do to help, be it through awareness or conservation.

    Outdoors Equipment
    A guide to all the equipment you need to survive the outdoors
  • UK Wildlife Holidays

    It is always nice to hear tales about the rare and the wonderful wildlife that inhabit the UK, but it's always easy to forget the common everyday animals that are in-grained into our lives. Many of these creatures are equally interesting and much easier to enjoy because of their visits to the back garden or local pond. How many people know about the breeding habits of ducks? Or how the field mouse spends its time?
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