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Different UK Environments  

The Environment

In this section of the site we will be looking at the different types of environments that make up much of the UK and how these affect the plants and animals that live there, as well as looking at differing threats to these environments.

The UK is unique in that we have such a vast variation of different environments and ecosystems spread over a relatively small area surface and sea area supporting a massive amount of life in all shapes and sizes. From the roaming deer of Rannoch Moor to rabbits on the grasslands to Porpoise in the seas, all are part of differing environments and affect each in their own ways.

As human population grows the need to land to be converted into our kind of environment grows ever stronger and we need to be aware of what affect these changes will have on the wildlife in Britain, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

Our initial topic is covering the nations hedgerows an ecosystem that has evolved with man and has led to many plants and animals becoming dependant on them to survive – Click Here.
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